New Wave is all about diversity, and we embrace that within our membership. Our members are from a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels. Membership is also a commitment to practicing, performing, and helping the organization thrive. Here's how to get started!

Auditions. Auditions are held at the first three rehearsals of each season. Do not prepare a solo — instead expect to go through pitch, rhythm and tone exercises with our Artistic Director. You may also be asked to sing briefly with current chorus members. Many of our members have come to us after not singing for some time, so rustiness is okay! Sight-reading is helpful, but not required.

Mentoring. Mentors are available to new members. We know it can be overwhelming to walk into a large group of people who already know each other! Mentors are typically people who have been with New Wave for some time and will introduce you to other members, answer questions, point you to resources and help you settle in to the group.

Dues. Dues for 2015 - 2016 are $170. These can be paid annually, per semester ($68 Fall/$102 Spring) or monthly ($17). Please speak privately with the Treasurer or any other Board member if you have concerns about dues. Any such discussion is confidential between the member and the Treasurer. We never want finances to influence anyone's decision to join or stay with New Wave!

Other Expenses. Performance outfits are purchased when members join and are usually good for several years. These range from approximately $100 for the formal outfit, down to around $30 for our casual polos and $12 for custom t-shirts. With the exception of the black pants worn as part of our casual outfits, all items are purchased through New Wave.
Members may also participate in optional activities such as the GALA Festival, joint concerts with other GALA choruses, or social outings organized by the Membership Committee.

GALA Festival. The GALA Festival, which brings together GLBT choruses from around the world, is held every four years. The next host city is Denver, Colorado, in 2016. Attending GALA is an amazing experience, and we want as many members as possible to sing there. Although we would love to have 100% attendance, we understand that is not always possible. New Wave will organize fundraisers to help defray costs for the trip, but most members pay for airfare, hotel and registration out of pocket.

Promotion. We don't currently require members to sell tickets for each performance, but we strongly encourage everyone to tell friends, family, co-workers, and social groups about our performances and message. Promotional materials will be available for people to share or print out for each major concert. Contact the Marketing Committee with your ideas for new ways to reach people with our music!

Ticket Sales and Fundraising. As a nonprofit organization, we survive on income from ticket revenue, fundraising and dues. Dues don't cover everything we do! Our concerts are a major source of income for us, as well as our Silent Auction and other fundraisers such as Yankee Candle or Joe Corbi pizzas. We ask all members to help sell tickets and participate in these fundraisers. The Fundraising committee welcomes ideas for new ways to raise money to cover our expenses each year.

Photography and Recording. Members should expect to be photographed, audio and/or video recorded at events, including performances, rehearsals and other events New Wave participates in. We will have you sign a waiver allowing us to use these images and recordings for marketing and other New Wave business.

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