Performances are the lifeblood of the chorus. Without our seasonal concerts and our audiences, we would not be here! 

Schedule. New Wave has five major performances each year: two in early December, a Cabaret in March, and two in early June. We also include outreach performances for local organizations and other events as our schedule and our members' availability allows.

Attendance. Attendance is required at all major events and any outreach performance that is scheduled at least 30 days in advance, unless your absence has been cleared with the Artistic Director. If a booking is made less than 30 days in advance, it is with the understanding that the entire chorus may not be able to attend.

Location. Most performances are in Baltimore City and nearby suburban areas, accessible by car or public transportation. If you are ever concerned about getting to and from a performance venue, let us know! Our members are scattered throughout the area and many are willing to carpool.

Attire. The attire for each performance will also be announced in advance. Formal performances require wearing a tuxedo or twinset and floor length skirt, which can be purchased through the chorus. Our casual performances require a New Wave polo shirt (also available through the chorus) and full length black pants. (No denim, crops, capris, etc.)

Accessories and Perfume/Cologne. Members must wear closed toe, solid black shoes with no more than a 2" heel. Accessories should be minimal and not 'flashy'. No perfume, cologne or scented toiletries other than deodorant. This last is especially important, as many people are sensitive to scents and it can affect their voices. We want all our members to be at 100% for every performance!

Recording. Professional recordings are made of our major concerts for archival purposes. When possible, the Board shares these recordings with chorus members for review and continued musical training. Making official recordings for sale to the public requires fundraising to get mechanical rights, studio time, and production support. Please visit our donations page to help make this possible.

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and Govans Presbyterian Church, who provides us with rehearsal and performance space, support and open arms, year after year. 

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