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 Why We Sing...

Why We Sing...

Our Mission
Through songs of hope, diversity, inclusion, and humor, we celebrate all of humanity in its infinite variations and challenge our communities to embrace equality, harmony, and understanding.
Our Vision
We are an LGBTQ+ chorus that:
  • Represents the diversity of our community
  • Challenges ourselves to ever greater artistic expression
  • Creates an atmosphere of acceptance and support
  • Performs for a wide variety of audiences
  • Has a commitment to our community
  • Has achieved recognition as a quality chorus
  • Combines the power of music with an engaging message
  • Performs music that celebrates all of humanity in its infinite variations

Our Story

The New Wave Singers of Baltimore, Inc. (New Wave Singers) has been making music that matters since 1985. We are Maryland’s premier LGBTQ+ [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, other orientations] mixed chorus, welcoming members of all genders, identities and orientations. In pursuit of our mission to honor and respect diversity, we perform an eclectic collection of music that promotes justice, peace and the celebration of life. We sing music in a wide variety of styles, languages and traditions.
2017 Spring Concert
2017 Spring Concert
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
2016 Caroling
2016 Caroling
Gilchrist Center Baltimore-Joseph Richey House
Stonewall:  From Revolution to Celebration
Stonewall: From Revolution to Celebration
Summer 2019, Epiphany Episcopal of Timonium

Notes from our members

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