Joan Hellman, one of our altos, has been very active in New Wave Singers, hosting sectional rehearsals at her house and helping hammer out notes before our main rehearsals on Tuesday nights. She spoke recently about what it meant to participate in a groupĀ  volunteer event at Moveable Feast a few seasons ago.

“We packed maybe 600 meals in an assembly-line fashion. The food looked so delicious that everyone was getting hungry as we packed. One person put a chicken fillet in a microwaveable container, another put in a scoop of mixed vegetables, and another put in potatoes. Then, the containers were sealed with plastic and packed on huge trays to await delivery to, I’m sure, an eager client.”

Volunteering at Moveable Feast also helped her get to know her fellow singers in a different setting! “Talking and laughing together — accomplishing something positive — this is the stuff community is made of, and I believe volunteering at Moveable Feast has helped our group become more of a community. This advantage is important to me, because when I first joined the group, I was thinking — I’m not gay; I’m more than 30 years older than most of the singers, how can I relate to this group other than just singing my part?”

“Working side-by-side, ‘hand-in-hand’ [that’s a song NWS has sung at Moveable Feast events] with someone brings out the best in people. A bond is formed that would not otherwise happen. You get to know people in another capacity other than their professional selves, or in this case, their ‘Tuesday night, singing personas.’ I was surprised to find out that Lisa is a bird watcher, that Kristine is involved with insect research, that Matt and Adam are dog lovers. It turns out I have much in common with the New Wave Singers, and I’m thrilled to be a part of them!”